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  1. I need to recommend a broker for an investor with maybe $500k in assets. Needs are free checkwriting, reasonable commish, very reliable platform/backoffice, and absolute security of assets. Does not want salesmen calling or any handholding. Prelim research showed Fidelity to look good, Schwab ok but more expensive. I know there were questions about ETrade account security, so they are out.

    Any advice much appreciated.

    ps. They are currently using Harris, which apparently is ideal, but they are being acquired by ETrade.
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    fidelity...they're honest & provide good services. 500k won't get you the best commission though (you'll need 1 mil).
  3. hajimow


    What do you mean by investing? Daytrading?
    Investing in what? Does it include mutual fund?
    Maybe for you Fidelity would be better but for me, IB is far superior than Fidelity. I was getting irritated and heart attack by the rules and order excecution of Fidelity.
  4. maybe

    but don't know if they have check writing, etc.

    they have zero commish for their "window" stocks though.

    it is geared for investors, i think. i heard good things about them, tht is all
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    Fidelity is fine for a low volume investor.
    120 trades a year gets you $8/trade commission.
  6. Does quality of order execution matter for this particular investor?
  7. It's not for me. IB does not have checkwriting.

    No daytrading in this account.
  8. Interesting idea, but maybe too barebones, I'll have a look though. Thanks.
  9. They are reasonably sophisticated and will use limit orders. Obviously the orders should post on Level II immediately.
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    with that size you should go with fidelity, I have a fidelity account as well as a IB account. I use IB to trade with and fidelity to park my 401k,IRA and long term position. The think I like about fidelity is their email, webchat and phone service is fast. you can get answers amazingly fast in RTH. just don't go trading large volumes at fidelity and you'll be OK.
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