Best Broker For Intraday Index Futures Trading???

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  1. Hey! Looking to open an ES account pretty soon. Anyone who has been trading index futures for some time that can give me some good information as to which companies are the best and why would be awesome! I am researching it myself obviously but who better to ask then the guys that have been using them? Looking forward to some good feedback. Thanks!


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  2. mde2004


    I use IB for fast executions and low commissions.
  3. I love these kind of posts!

    If you can define what "best" means for you, the odds shift in your favor that you will get some thoughtful answers. Otherwise just go open an account at IB and be happy with it.

  4. Thanks guys I appreciate the input. Anyone else have thoughts? It seems like Noble Trading and Tradestation are doing pretty well too. Let me know!
  5. I already trade hard on IB and Tradestation.

    Do you guys have an idea for an alternative for a "back-up" futures broker?
  6. I checked buttontrader.

    Anyone had any expericen with them?

    I don't like the idea of open my account through a third-party soft with a lousy webpage like they have.

  7. Ahhh. So it seems an "all-in-one" account means "best" to you... In addition to those already mentioned, IB, TradeStation, and Noble, off the top of my head, MB Trading, ETrade, Terra Nova Online, and RML Trading are included in that group.

    Good trading
    Osorico :)
  8. Maybe you guys can throw the big downfalls of each company??

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