best broker for FUTURES OPTIONS ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rayden, Dec 5, 2007.

best broker for futures options?

  1. IB

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  2. Lind-Waldock

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  1. rayden


    Hi - I'm looking for a good broker for futures options. Either web or software is ok, I don't trade actively (that's why I want options ;) Commissions don't have to be the lowest but should be reasonable ($20-30 per trade?). Executions should be pretty good, considering the crazy spreads here.

    What I have looked at...

    * IB: generally ok, but they don't offer options on all their futures in particular the ones I am interested in. I have an account, they're ok, not rave-worthy but ok.

    * Lind-Waldock: quite expensive, don't like either the website or the software, but... they're at least a serious firm (subsidiary of Man Financial). more handholding than i need.

    * RJ O'Brien: look solid. full-service oriented, so i think they will be quite expensive. need to take their platform for a spin.

    * Open E Cry?

    * TradeStation?

    * optionxpress: futures yes, (stock) options yes, futures options no

    * thinkorswim: same

    * MB trading: same

    Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. rayden


    adding to the list...

    * MF Global: seem to be a different futures-trading branch on Man Financial, not sure how it differs from Lind-Waldock?
  3. rayden


    moderator - could you add the rest of these brokerages to the poll? thanks.

    guys - what, no suggestions? nobody here trades futures options? i understand that it's not a particularly attractive area for an active trader, but still...
  4. Chriz


    Take a look at which is the retail devision of RCG. They offer future options for most markets.
  5. MTE


    MF Global is what used to be called Man Securities before they split up their brokerage and hedge fund businesses. So MF Global and Man Financial are the same thing.
  6. rayden


    Yes. MF also owns Lind Waldock (since 2005), so they have effectively two completely different futures brokerage businesses. I haven't been able to tell how much practical overlap there is - whether it is just the same thing rebranded, or whether they operate independently. Not that it really matters, but I'm kinda curious.

    Do you have any experience with being a customer of either?
  7. I trade the ES and the ES options. After an extensive search, I decided to go with Global Futures ( They are an IB for RCG, LLC--a well established FCM. I was most impressed with their customer service--everyone is assigned their own broker. Phone calls and emails were answered promptly. They also offer a number of platforms; but for my style, RCG RAN works best. Check it out.
  8. rayden


    p.s. I should have mentioned I am primarily interested in trading CL (and maybe some other energies). IB has CL but no options on CL for individual accounts... what the heck?
  9. rogcas


  10. dmcw

    dmcw Global Futures

    The nice thing about Crude Oil options is that they can be traded electronically. If you trade the electronic options you'll get streaming quotes (bid/ask), faster execution, pay lower fees than you would in the pit. If you want to see what we can offer you, please give me a call or email. You may as well explore all your options.

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