Best Broker for E-Minis?

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  1. I am currently with IB (great prices) but considering looking at other brokers for faster and easier trade execution. I like PFGBest's order entry system but the tickets are 3 times what I pay at IB. Is there a good broker with a fast system anyone recommends looking into. I trade the NQ only. I want to set up my order entry system to always buy or sell the same number of contracts at market and I want to push a button once to accomplish it. Any recommended systems and brokers? Thanks for any suggestions.


    PS Is there a way to use another interface to send orders to IB?
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    Have you looked at best....I find their system to be least with your IB you can see the bid/offer as it is...but I guess it depends on the type of trader you are....there are others that work with the pats system...I think they are the better also depends on where youre located....I'm in Canada and unfortunately there is not much choice....

    Sorry....I know this didnt help but had to vent some frustration after using the best system today.
  4. I dont have anything to compare with but I find the executions at IB to be pretty swift. I almost always get the price I want.
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    if you haven't set your default order size, try that. also, try the hot keys, it would be two keys but if positioned correctly, you should be faster than clicking a mouse.
  6. I am currently using IB via the stand-a-lone TWS and the executions are very swift. I also find the order entry extremely easy to use.
    I sure would like to know if there is anything better for the commission rates at IB!
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  8. We offer PatSystems which is Level II futures for FREE and can give you a rate of $4/side.
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    El Cazador,

    If you are exploring other brokers for the E-mini contracts, you should consider Terra Nova Online. With RealTick, the platform we offer, you have a simple to use point and click order entry screen that you can customize it so that when you hit buy or sell your order goes live. Take a look what are screen looks like, in the attached document.


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  10. You guys gonna lower those emini fees anytime soon? Also does TN have any intention of getting licenced in Canada?
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