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  1. I saw a recent reply on another thread that 14 Euro is too much per leg. I pay 13.2 Euro per leg currently.

    Searching this forum and browsing the net i have found a few brokers which offer substancially reduced brokerage rates. The ones I have found are Interrative Brokers, Velocity Futures, Global Futures and FFasttrade.

    I trade options on the futures index, currently trading about 16 legs per month with a bank of 20,000 Euro. I phone all my orders through as that is the only way to place them though would prefer an automated system. I live in Australia. What broker would you guys say would be best for me, not necessarily from those given above?

    Also, with a lower brokerage I would more than likely increase the amount of legs i do a month.
  2. You will have to find out if all of them offer ODAX trading.

    - IB´s commission is EUR 2.00 (incl. all fees) per ODAX contract.

    - GFETC quite obviously do not publish their commission schedule.
    Hint: Strictly avoid telling them your (true) current commission rate.
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    KeyWest Velocity Futures

    you also need to take into consideration platform fee when making a decision sounds like you need to have no or limited platform fee.
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    Which quote vendor do you guys use for the DAX? Does anyone know if Tradestation allows you to trade the DAX and get quotes.
  5. DAX: No quotes and no trading.
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    What front end are you using to trade DAX options? WHat tyoe of size are you trading. I thought most of the options where trading over the phone.
  7. It looks like IB are the only way to go for low volume traders. They offer trading on all Eurex markets, specificly for me, options on the DAX. It is all done through their TWS platform which has no cost. Brokerage is cheap at 2 euro per leg, coming from 14 thats a huge saving. The cost per month is not trade limited and usually the monthly data cost covers the minimum monthly cost. These are top of the list for me.