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Which is the best broker

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  1. Interactive Brokers

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  2. Mirus

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  3. AMP

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  4. Advantage

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  5. other

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  1. Okay, I've been through a lot of searches here and trying to find a new broker. Currently with IB. I've seen mention of Mirus, AMP, Advantage (any others) with good reliability, wide ranges of exchanges (products)?

    Also trying to determine the best front end: zenfire/ninja, X_trader etc.

    Any opinions/recommendations are much appreciated. Please state why you think they are the best. Thanks.
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  3. I had accounts at Advantage but switched because of the Universal Account at IB. Advantage are pros. If you're a newbie, you shouldn't bother with them. They offer all the front end you mentioned.
  4. Thanks. What is the Universal Account at IB and how is that different from other brokers?

  5. Trader07.

    You don't describe the way in which you trade and the tools you feel are valuable. It might be easier to get answers with some extra information.
  6. Please see kiwi's question above. We can't help you unless you give us some details about what kind of trading you want to do (stocks, futures, daytrading, longer term, etc), your experience level, your account size (not crucial but might help), your needs re: data and platform, what software you are using if any.

    A Universal account is one in which you can trade all classes of financial instruments - stocks, futures, options, etc.

    Wait a sec... I just saw that you already have an account with IB? Okay, so a Universal account is the type of account you have now. Not all brokerages offer one account out of which you can trade different instruments.
  7. I use IB for past seven years never had any serious problems with them. How come theres no mention of Charles Schwab anywhere here in et, they bought out cybertrader?

    Had cyber years ago may try it has some nice features for trading charts were always worst. but i use esignal for charting always have. very good and reliable platform.
  8. I trade futures exclusively. CL, GC, EUR, ZN. I use IB/QT (Interactive Brokers/Quotetracker) right now. I am working on an ATS in Amibroker. I daytrade/scalp but sometimes hold overnight. Been trading for over 10 years. Account size well into six figures.

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  10. You are looking for the "best front-end" but you mention ninjatrader zenfire. NinjaTrader is the front end, but zenfire is the back-end. Many brokers offer NinjaTrader, but only a select few offer Zen. Mirus has the best support, by far.
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