Best broker and trading platform for E-mini?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wallyx, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. The reason why I'm here is to seek the answer to my question: what's the best broker and software platform for trading E-mini? I'm looking at margin requirement no more than $500 for 1 contract and round-trip commission no more than $5 (I found some even charge $3). As so many options as search result by Google, can anyone help me to choose? Thanks!
  2. I think you'll find Ninjatrader/Mirus to be a popular choice around here. I personally find this combo to be superb. My only gripe is with the clearing firm, Dorman -- specifically their inability to allow users to access trade info and account balance in real time directly from their site.
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    I clear RCG with Mirus as my IB using NT/Zenfire and have access to my account on RCG website real time!
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    I have been satisfied with Velocity futures and it appears to meet your requirements. You can choose either ninja or xtrader with them.....i use xtrader and it works exceptionally well
  5. mirus/ zen fire is hard to beat
  6. $500 margin for ES? What do you plan on doing when the ES makes one of those quick sudden moves past your stop loss and eats up your $500 and a few dollars more?

    If you have found brokers that charge $3 RT all in for ES you are not reading their commission schedule properly.

    Please note: IB is not the ES broker for you.
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    Ive been with OPENECRY since I first started out trading index eminis(I trade ES almost exclusively). They charge about $4 per round turn. Customer service is excellent. Had a few issues with data going down in the past( 4 months ago) for a while, but all is going smoothly now they constantly updating their servers and software....they just got bought out by OptionsXpress with whom I have an acct as far so good. Im praying Optionsxpress doesnt ruin a good thing.

    If you dont want to pay for Ninja/Zen or XTrader platform, then Openecry should be a broker you should seriously consider...

    Once you become consistently profitable at trading minis,,then you could consider(if you think you need it), a more in depth, advanced platform like Ninja/Zen thru another broker.

    I will try out Ninja/Zen on trial acct soon if they offer it....Im very interested in seeing why so many ppl rave about it. I know Surdo is an accomplished index trader from what Ive seen..and if hes says its damn good platform ...well then that must say something..

    For now though Im very happy with Openecry's platform, commish, and service....

    My 2 cents....I'll shut up now... :p
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    Velocity Futures is awesome

    Used them for quite some time-years. Only once did i have a feed problem. Xtrader is one of their trading platforms and it's excellent. When you call them there is always someone to talk with to answer questions.
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    I second OPENECRY. Great platform, great rates, and few if any problems to report.
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    It appears that Tradestation has eliminated their daytrade rates for the e-minis, if their latest margin page update is to be believed.

    No more daytrade rates at Tradestation. A rather surprising turn of events if you ask me.
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