Best books on value investing

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    I'm interested in reading the best books written on "value investing". I've just ordered "the intelligent investor", by Benjamin Graham - revised edition, But would really like to read one or two more equally good or better book(s)

    Probably the recent crash has nudged me in this direction :) !!

    Any tips, suggestions, pointers would be most appreciated

    Just names or names + authors please

    thanks in advance
  2. joe4422


    One up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch
  3. MGJ


    I enjoyed "The Dhandho Investor" by Monish Pabrai Amazon link.

    Beware: he's a Buffett worshipper; if that puts you off, don't open the book.
  4. ToSubu


    Thanks to both answers...

    Expecting more replies !!

  5. Value investing?

    Maybe we should start from the today and work our way back into in history and see where value get's us.

    I'd like to ask Ben whazzup with private equity firms which buy undervalued companies, mostly with borrowed money and destroy them with debt.

    Not sure this strategy was around back in the day of the "Intelligent Investor".
  6. Seth Klarman - Margin of Safety
    Graham & Dodd - Security Analysis
    Martin Whitman - The Aggressive Conservative Investor, and Value Investing: A Balanced Approach
    Joel Greenblatt - You can be a Stockmarket Genius
    Roger Lowenstein - Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist
    Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway annual reports & shareholder letters
  7. joe4422


    The guy actually wrote a book too. Their FA system focuses mainly on earning's revisions. Pretty useful to find the strong sectors and the weak sectors
  8. My personal favorite:

    "Buy With Both Hands When SPX Hits 666 in 2010"
    by Shortie Buffett