Best Books For Intraday Technicals?

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  1. I'm looking to trade the ES Emini soon and would like to know what are some good books regarding intraday technical analysis. Alot of what I have seen seems to be geared towards analysis over no less than a few days. Any ideas?
  2. each BAR regardless of it being a weekly, daily, 60m, 30m, or 2m has the same properties. They all act the same way to technicals. Thus, you can use the same book that has daily technical studies just the same for a 2m chart.

    Most books are written in daily technical studies to be a healthy medium between weely charts and the 2m charts.
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    I am not aware of any books. There is a course by a trader called Larry Levin from Secrets of traders. His course focuses on ES intra day. he is willing to share his track record and he holds a sit at CME. Not sure how good the course actually is. There are few threads on it of you search.
  4. If only it were true.

    The "bar" is simply a convenience for displaying price action. The market couldn't care less about your bar or what kind of bar you choose to display what it does.

    Beyond that, the shorter the time interval, the more likely one is to wade into random movements. There are those who would argue that an uptick is as important as an upbar on a monthly chart, but they aren't likely to be successful traders.
  5. Mastering Futures Trading by Bo Yoder.
    Last 100 pages of the book is a journal of his trades for about 2 months in 2003, intraday, trading the S&P mini and the 10 yr T-Bill.

    Also, Mastering the Trade by John Carter.
    Offers a few different intraday/daily trade setups.

  6. Forget books.
    Get yourself a good piece of software with a reliable feed into the CME and spend hours watching the relationship between volume & price. Watch it in hindsight AND watch it in realtime.
    If you have decent software, then limit out the small lot traders and watch the bigger traders.

    Read what some of the ES traders are saying on ET .... there is some quite solid advice coming from these guys when you are starting out.

    Remember, nobody is going to tell you how to trade the ES successfully.
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    I couldn't agree more with this post. Unfortunately books are just not the way to go anymore. Most authors were never good traders, thats why they write books. they will never admit this, of course. best education is to watch the markets and associate yourself with successful traders. Sometimes a lttile from each trader wil help you form your own methods.
  8. I concur with the rec for Yoder's book. Also Vad Graifer's book.

    And, yes, you still have to study charts. But books can help show you what to look for. Not everyone is naturally inductive.
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    I have read many books on trading and I found "Trading The Market" by John Carter to be the best for trading book regarding Futures. Check Good luck
  10. I HIGHLY recommend Mind Over Markets. It is all about the market profile, which is an incredible tool imo.
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