best book to learn fx trading

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  1. I want to get better at forex trading and I wanted to read some good books for that. So, if you can think of a book that improved your trading skills, please post the name and the author.
  2. The most important book you'll ever buy:

    Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
    ISBN: 0735201447

  3. daytrading FX--kathy lien.

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  4. Come on people, only two traders on this forum read forex books?
    All you successfull guys, must have read a lot of them, let's hear the title and author of those you thought were the best. Help a novice here.:)
  5. forget a book why doesnt a profitable forex trader tell us what he does that will help more then a book :)
  6. toby400


  7. The Coming Dollar Crisis
    6 Ways to trade the Dollar
  8. I agree with sirpangolin. Trading in the Zone is a great book, and it will really make you see this game in a whole new way. Don't even trade until you read it.
  9. I really liked Market Wizards by Schwager. It is a collection of opinions about how to trade from some of the world's top traders. One of the main lessons that I learned from this book was that there is no one way to trade - you have to find the style and the system that fits you.
  10. I agree....Market Wizards is great. Any you have to find a style that fits you. Try demo trading and using different indicators while in demo to find a system that works for you.

    I also think Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by van tharp is a good read. Ultimately, i feel you gotta develope your own style and systematically carry them out. Good trading to ya !!

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