Best book on trading I've ever read: Lance Beggs YTC Price Action Trader

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  1. yeah he's a successful trader....

    that's why he's hawking an ebook for $197

    retail traders searching for the holy grail in an ebook....priceless...

    the entire website reads like a salespage...I know because I helped a friend setup a few sales letters...gave him my $5K copywriter and everything
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  2. I understand your scepticism. I am very wary of $197 or $297 e-books myself but Lance Beggs' book is different. He does present a real strategy and his explanations are logical and clear. He doesn't use any indicators and doesn't offer "holy grail" in his book. I guess it has to do with his past military experience but his structure and clear writing style is priceless to me.

    There will always be people who will question everything and would always suspect that if a trader publishes a book, then it means he can't trade.

    But it's possible that successful traders feel the need to give back to society or they just like writing, and enjoy sharing their knowledge. Nothing wrong with that and it doesn't automatically make then pure salesmen.

    For me, I am very happy I have found him, his website and his book. I WISH i found this book 2.5 years ago when I was just starting out instead of wasting so much on other junk, by the way published and sold on Amazon!
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  3. They are all traders , but need to sell trading education for the sandwiches.Would you call them unprofitable traders using stooges to post advertising on forums?
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  4. If it was due to the need of giving, why charge?

    Giving implies Benevolence, there is nothing benevolent about his site...
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  5. but he isnt profitable. neither are you!:eek: :mad: :(
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  6. I only post on forums about these guys for benevolence , they might pay into a charity of my choice.
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  7. Nobody knows if he is or isn't. The fact that he sells his books doesn't automatically make him a losing trader. The material in his books is excellent.

    As for giving out materials for free, it would be the same as casting pearls before swine. Why give away for free something that you spent hundreds of hours on? You should be rewarded for it.

    Anyway, it's up to you guys to decide, I just posted my review, which I seldom do. I knew that Elitetrader members would probably trash it, isn't it natural for members of this forum?
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  8. Im not trashing it, i just wanna know if somebody even one person has made money with it and can I see the equity curve of that persons account. if nobody has made money with it, why would I buy the book? i have found websites that spew out strategies every day which are backtested for 2$ a day. At least you know that the backtest is real and that if you traded from beginning this is what you make. But for discretionary you would really need account data, or it is a psychology book, i dont buy those since I think psychology doesnt matter without an edge. but psychology can be handy for some people who already have edges.
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  9. I suppose you could say the same about Mark Fisher. It's rare, but sometimes the good ones write books. I won't read this book, but I don't think you should assume someone isn't profitable just because they decided to share some basics. Who knows? Maybe he wanted to impress his kids and have a book dedicated to them.

    I still believe there are some things you just can't share once you figure something out, but I also believe you could share the most profitable strategy on the planet, but most people couldn't make it work without a generous amount of experience.

    Maybe I am wrong, and the guy sucks, and he just wanted to make a quick buck with a book. But people shouldn't instantly jump to that conclusion.
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  10. Mark Fisher makes money from commissions on clearing house , his opening range breakout strategy is a failure with random trading.
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