Best book on synthetics?

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  1. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Options: The Hidden Reality by Cottle

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  4. Interesting. Your broker used to give away copies of Cottle's books to prospective clients :confused:
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    I still have the half-read Phd book. That's why I double check with them if I really need to read that book.

    I call that book a bible:) Whenever I need to check into more of something like butterfly, I do dig in the bible.
  6. Cottle's book is not a one-time read. It is something to absorb over time. But the whole book has synthetics running through it so it is a good one stop shopping for it.
  7. One man's cure for insomnia is another man's amphetamine.

    Call me curaaaazyy...but I lean towards "knowledge is power" rather than "ingnorance is bliss".

    Whatever makes you money!
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    If you have finished the book, more power to you. Right now I am happy I have the book to check into just in case.

    I am learning everyday & just like to set priority to my readings. Right now finishing that book is low priority since I have learned enough option building blocks to make money. There are other area of learning will impact my bottom line more. So much to learn & so little time!
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    Hull and Baird describe synthetics the best -- cottle is in a world (mystic) of his own.
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