Best book on foreclosure properties?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by a529612, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Any suggestions?
  2. Why do you see a drastic price reduction in the housing pricing coming soon ? personally i think this going to be the same as the stock market in 2000 . What do you think ?
  3. yeah and The Beetles are getting back together too.
  4. why do you think not because they have never had a major correction in real estate . I live in orlando and in my complex where houses had a 100 % increase in 3 years now have 42 houses up for sale in a 230 house subdivision . Listing prices have gone down 10 % and they still arent seling and this is the middle of summer the busiest time. A major builder just postpond a 400 house development in the area because of high inventory. Most people cant afford thier mortage now and there 2nd mortage, credit cards , insurance cost of living ( gas heating) is going up alot faster than their expenses. Wait till they cut down overtime or work hours then you wil see the forclosers lining up around the block.
  5. I thought this is a stock trading forum. Foreclosures have nothing to do with stock trading.
  6. ok, I agree with you. However, in your first post, your syntax made it unclear exactly what you were saying.