Best book on day trading?

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  1. Traders:

    Only one day left on my Ebay Auction for one of the best day trading books!

    This second book is also excellent for day trading!

    And this 3rd one is a must read and was actually recomended by New Market Wizzard, Linda Bradford Raschke!

    Fun Trading! :)


    P.S. Please check out the link that will give you a preview of the book, it's a section out of the book in PDF format that you can access via my auction...
  2. Is Joe Ross the best-bid on all 3 of those right now?
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    Bastiat8, on behalf of everyone on this forum, shut the fuck up.
  4. ha ha, can't answer that with 100% certainy as I have no clue who is bidding on my books, but I suspect he has better things to do with his time! ;^)...

  5. You are ignorant, rude, bitter, and troubled individual! And people like you do not get too far in this life... What are you trying to achieve? If you have no interest in my information, DO NOT read my posts! And don't try to take out your ineptitude, and incompetence, in the marketplace, on other people. IT’S PATHETIC!!!...

  6. Joe Ross's stuff is free all over the net.
  7. Another "winner" who believes in the "free lunch"... You get what you pay for! And much of what you are refering to is past editions, which are outdated! But hey, what does the market know? In other words, if his stuff was really free, why does it always sell for such high prices? ;) Get a clue! L O L...
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