Best book for Series 7 exam!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by exce26, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. exce26


    Which book is the best study material which shows almost identical Series 7 exam questions?
    Anyone interested in selling a Series 7 material CD?
  2. travisdu


    From what i hear the STC material is closest to the exam questions.

    I like the Pass Perfect study materials for the reading.

    Sorry dont have any to sell.
  3. MegRean


    I also purchased the STC stuff and think them to be really efficient ... but we'll see when I take the exam ;)
  4. exce26


    STC has series 7 review exam(125 questions * 4parts).
    Do you think studying those 4 parts review questions are enough to pass the exam?
  5. MegRean


    sorry but that's not correct.
    The STC stuff I purchased consists of 2 big ring binder's. The first one contains all the stuff which you gotta know for the exam ( 22 Chapters + review questions after each chapter).
    The 2nd one contains 14 test exams with explanations for every question!!
    Additionally I purchased their trainings CD ( 4 extra exams + 2 specialized exams on options and bonds )
  6. MegRean


    oh sorry maybe I missed your point ..

    If you only purchase the cd and take these four exams you definetly have no chance at all to pass the exam!!
  7. mjt


  8. I know everyone has some course that they like. STC, NYIF and many others are all ok. I personally like the course from Dearborn Financial(a Kaplan company) at . They have
    a CD ROM that is just like the test you take at the Procter Testing Centers , which is a big help.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
  9. Eugene



    I have to agree with you. I haven't looked at other study material, but Dearborn helped me get an 87 last week. The cd rom is what cinched it for me. I did review the book once, but after that I just banged out test after test.

    If anyone is interested, I'm willing to sell mine. I have the $350 package. Will work a deal. Just email me.
  10. bro59


    STC is what I used to prepare for the Series 7. Lousy customer service, high price, and excellent quality study materials. I purchased the print version of the study materials, the print practice exams, and the cd practice exams. Passed today with a good score.
    #10     Nov 5, 2001