Best Book For Designing Mechanical Trading Systems

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  1. I hate posting questions...feeling helpless.

    Best Book For Designing Mechanical Trading Systems
    Any suggestions...One that is informative, motivational but not super boring?

  2. Design, Testing and Optimization of Trading Systems
    by Robert Pardo
  3. The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Trading Systems by Bruce Babcock, Jr. Better by far than the Pardo, which is no slouch.
  4. I recall reading this one and liking it. I can't recall why it did not end up in my library.
  5. Pardo's book for sure. both first and second edition.

    A distant second would be: Trading Risk by Grant

    and finally Profitability and Systematic Trading by Michael Harris. He also has a number of free papers and ofcourse his software which is worth looking into.
  6. Perhaps because the estimable Mr. Babcock is deceased. Nobody wants to read trading books by dead men.
  7. Art deco, thanks for your recommendation. I purchased this book last week, it is a gem. An oldie but goodie. The chapter on optimization where jack schwager(of mkt wizard fame) debates Robert Pardo is well worth getting this book.

    PS. In the era of all things electronic and new, I paid $5.95 via amazon for a used copy of this hardcover book. amazing.
  8. I am glad that you like it. IMO it is far better than the Pardo, so much so that I ditched the Pardo. There are only twelve books on my trading shelf, and the Babcock has place of prominence.
  9. You know, judging from some your other rather 'erotic' posts elswhere, I am not surprised babCOCK has a place of prominence on your shelf.
  10. Erotic? At my age it's more like erratic.
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