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  1. Hello guys,

    I would like to start a thread talking about books on Money management. They are very rare and difficult to find and I would like to know which ones are your bibles...

    Here is mine so far :
    Van Tharp Trade your way to Financial freedom

    Nearly a classical...
  2. The books are actually about more than money management , but I recommend anything by Justin Mamis, 'The Nature of Risk' is excellent.
  3. Ralph Vince's Portfolio Mananagement Formulas is as challenging and practical as it is controversial.
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    The early writings of Gary B. Smith on cover the subject thouroughly and are easy to understand. His early stuff is still available for free in the site's archives.

    Van Tharp's book is the only other work I've read that details the concept of expectancy and how important it is to your system's overall success.
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    Undoubtedly the best money management book is found at written by Van Tharp. It's called Special Report on Money Management and it costs $65. "You'll learn dozens of different models of money management—one of which could make a big difference for you."
  7. oh yeah also: i totally agree that Tharp has the best stuff on money management, be it books/reports etc.
  8. I read it quite a while back, but if I recall correctly it's pretty good. I don't think much was said about money management, though I think the author mentioned the pitfalls of overtrading. Even if it doesn't have the exact topics that you're looking for (money management methods) it's still worth a look.
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