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  1. Which is in your opinion the best trading related book published in 2005. Opinion much appreciated. Thanks
  2. ktm


    Fortune's Formula.
  3. I'm on page 62 of this book and I don't see anything that teaches the "kelly formula". I bought it because of a recommendation. Book is suppose to teach the "kelly formula" and trading the stock market. Nothing even is mentioned about either one yet. Do they discuss these topics in this book or should I stop reading it. I feel like I am wasting my time reading it. What book teaches the kelly formula?
  4. Just look it up on google, it's on investopedia I believe. Be forewared though I have done some readings on the pros and cons and Ralph Vince, look him up, states it is flawed for trading because the amount won and lost isn't fixed like in cards. Check out and watch their video on optimal F for an explantion of this supposed phenoma. Good luck.

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    I "love" this Ralph Vince guy. He obviously doesn't know squat about optimal sizing yet feels competent enough (or greedy enough) to write several books on the subject. :p

    When you're done wasting your time and your money on books written by posers, go to gummy's website (for free!) and read the best dissertation on Kelly sizing you'll find anywhere.

    My early Xmas gift to ET :cool: