Best Body Shape or Figure?

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  1. Who has the best/perfect body shape or figure?

    Majority of people have a bad habit of looking at people's body shape or figure.

    For brainless people, my question is, who has the most sexy figure?
  2. marilyn monroe
  3. The anwser in "FIRE".

    Fire has the best figure or body shape. Also Fire has the most sexy figure. Grab or touch Fire and you will understand what I mean.

  4. Salma Hayek
  5. Phoebe Cates..
  6. Thanks man....a little creepy but thanks

  7. Porn stars fair game?

    Lela Star
  8. Ok, Sylvia Saint? Nothing "WRONG" with her figure.

    Or Kimberley Davies.
  9. Best Body Structure in the World.

  10. curly


    Haha, you really are in a good shape.
    I shouldn't post a pic of little old me here... I prefer spending my time at instead of the gym :)
    But for me my wife has the best body shape of course (or Jessica Alba :D )
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