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  1. The first and last blogs are definitely worth a bookmark - the second blog, however, is devoid of any real substantive content.

    I might have a bias but I like my own blog:

    I've gotten some good feedback from readers so far.

  2. is pretty good. Except he's been on a cold streak lately. I tried to let him know some of his errors but he wouldn't send me an email address.

    Ah well
  3. I actually follow

    as the blog made a good call on a short in the spy and xlf and made some good money, look at the chart.

    I like

    I'll definitely keep an eye out for yours. I'm not really looking to be educated or for a lesson but good ideas.
  4. Agree that X is on a slight cold streak but in light of their overall track record, it's still a very insightful blog.

    Definitely one of the better trading blogs I follow.

    Don Miller has a good blog as well:

  5. Gil,

    I looked at Don's but it seems more focused on the eminis. Is that correct?
  6. Yes, you're correct. I like reading Don's blog for his trading insight - I usually wind up thinking of a new addition to my own personal trading and coaching process after a quick visit.

    I enjoy blogs that focus on a static set of financial instruments (i.e., XTrends and Don Miller............).

    I believe that if you trade a single stock, ETF or Index Future for long enough time, you develop a 6th sense for its movements - thus are better able to "feel" trends.

    Which is why, I personally trade the SSO the majority of the time. My traders have also benefitted immensely from taking this "get to know my cash cow" method as well. I was never one for scanning like a mad man for "in play" stocks...

  7. I agree with that. I am also the one who uses a few methods (but constantly revise them), and use them well, to milk a few cash cows only everyday. Instead of trying to "scan" to find a new girl to date everynight. LOL.
  8. My own of course :D

    No but seriously, I follow Slope of Hope, TraderFeed, Don Miller's blog, and Emini Addict.
  9. I like a certain few and I will be checking out others, I keep an RSS feed for some like and
    It's good to diversify and listen to others who know what they are doing. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep looking through them all.
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