Best bible for TA beginner?

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  1. Which book would you recommend for TA beginner? Is this book a good bet?

    Technical analysis explained - Martin J Pring

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    John Murphy's book. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets.
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    Agreed. Great book.
  4. John Murphy's book is a great resource. If you're into candlesticks, I think Steve Nison's is also a great resource.

    Best of luck
  5. Martin Pring is as good as anything out there...the other books that are mentioned are also good...maybe slightly better...not enough difference between them to ultimately determine trading success or failure....which may be your objective....

  6. ============
    Jack Schwager ,Getting started in TA;
    & his 3 top trader books.:cool:

    William O Neil ,How to make Money in Stocks.

    Dr.Van Tharp, 2 trader books;
    Market Makers Edge, by Joshua Lukeman are amoung the best.

    As far as best Bible= King James Version,N.I,V
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    John Murphy's book as in previous post.....
  8. 'Elliott Wave Principle : Key to Market Behavior' ~ Frost/Prechter the contents relate to one theory of Price Movement and provide a useful grounding in the application of the Fibonacci Price Levels tool.
    Try your local library.
  9. Do I need to have a solid knowledge in TA in general before moving on to candlesticks?
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