Best battery backup for power outage?

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  1. Need to power 3 LCD monitors, 1 desktop PC and 1 DSL modem for an hour to allow me to exit my positions in the event of a power outage. Any suggestions?
  2. Well you have to calculate their power usage to figure it out. I didn't honestly. I had 1 1000 va bb run 1 CPU, 3 19" LDD's, on skype talking to traders, running Ninja Trader, Sierra Charts and I got a whopping 9 minutes before the battery went dead! I was expecting 20-30 minutes. You just have to test it out after calculating and purchasing. No I run 2 1000 va bb's. cable modem, router, and 1 LCD and the rest of the stuff on the other. I got my bb's at Costco for $100 each.
  3. Although you gave some details about your system, the following links should help you to determine what's suitable for your system...

    Three particular UPS vendors:

    Simply, your going to need to input the specifics of your trading system into any particular UPS vendor configuration page for it to tell you what's suitable for your system.

    Do this with different vendors and if price is an issue...choose the cheapest one that's suitable for your system.
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  5. Another option is to have a laptop as a backup running off it's own battery , and only run the modems off of the battery back up. What drains the back ups most are the 400+ watt power supplies and the lcds.
  6. Using APC here two. Powering about the same exact setup you have. I get power for about 30 minutes then I have to shut down.