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  1. A number of banks provide free FX research reports on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the one I liked best seems to have been reserved for clients now. Any suggestions on alternatives?

    I don't know which source has got the best free research, but a random sample from this website taken on Friday (2 days ago) shows:

    EURUSD remains under pressure near-term however weakness below 1.2746, the low from Nov 8 would be necessary to sour the tone near-term and a loss of 1.2682, the base from Nov 3 would be necessary to undermine it. In lieu of at least sub-1.2746 price action, we maintain a cautiously bullish bias and look for extended gains beyond Nov 10's 1.2901 high to trigger further upside towards the 1.2980 range top from Jun 5.

    Result for the day after this report was posted 6.49 am GMT:
    Open: 1.2774
    Low 1.2761
    High 1.2845
    Close 1.2840

    Disclaimer: I never use research such as this in my trading.
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    I think Oanda account gives you free access to research from 4Cast which is used by most major banks.
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    My main bank references are (order of importance to me):

    The Bank of New York


    Also for daily basis reading, but for more general economic view:

    Morgan Stanley GEF

    That's it!

    May the odds be with you !!
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    Outstanding. I didn't even know about this. And now I stumbled across their "FX Desktop" which allows you to open the trade app and the news app right from your desktop w/o the browser. The news service is excellent.

  6. Do you have to have an account with them to use this?
  7. Thanks, just what I was looking for.
  8. Thanks, looks great. Not sure how you got to this link, since I couldn't find it when I went back to their resources page, but thanks anyway.
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    I think that, the best research you could get, is that which you won't ever have access to.

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