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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by brad1970, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. brad1970


    Looking for the best combination of trading software, data provided, and online broker for day trading e-minis only.

    I currently use IB and Wealth-Lab. IB is good, not too thrilled with Wealth-Lab for the software. Software is great for backtesting and system development, but the actual charting is, IMO, not that great.

    Before committing to new software, I was hoping to find a good and inexpensive data provider with attached charting software.

    My inclination is to go with eSignal as I have read they are setting up direct trading with IB.

    Also looking into RT Trader Pro and NeoTicker.


  2. ifriend


    I use RT trader pro thru,along with IB. Am totally satisfied with the charting abilities of RT trader. I appreciate the abilitiy to use minute,or constant tick charts and have found their tech support easy to reach when i had a question. My setup is 3 monitors,1 19inch,2 17 inch and have 9 charts on each screen.
  3. Have you had any problems with the reliability of IB? I think for reliability, eSignal offers a good deal. I am looking for a new broker, I like what IB offer, but I'm not entirely convinced about their reliabilty.
  4. I currently use Nextrend with IB. Have had very few problems with Nextrend (both software and datafeed)and it is good value at around $100/month. You can get a cheaper version of it but it only allows for (I think) 4 open windows and has pop up ads. The full version allows for 16 windows per page and has no pop ups.

    I also use an "Always on Top" program that allows me to have the IB interface seem as if it is integrated into Nextrend. This allows me to center the the IB interface to my middle monitor.
  5. I think your idea of using eSignal is a winner.
    I use eSignal and IB...the integration is not perfect yet, but they will get it soon.

    - Data vendor w/realtime & historical quotes
    - Charting
    - Backtesting in the works
    - Portfolio
    - Integrates with many software(ie Metastock,etc.)
  6. Sharp


    You can get e-mini only data from esignal for $84.00 per month. That's not a bad deal. Their website says something like $119.00 but if you call them they will give you emini data only for $84.00.

    This is what I did and I've been happy so far.