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    hi guys which do you think is the best backtesting tool out there? please also consider the tool should have optimization and forward testing as well. i am trying out ninja, but will be looking at amibroker and metatrader as well. futures and forex mostly.
  2. Backtesting what? For most things a few lines of VB will do it just fine. No need for programs and more spyware in your PC.
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    you mean DDE in Excel? I know some VBA but do I have to write the indicators? It would be great if I can invoke them somehow.
  4. ESignal has a very robust platform.
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    Following up on comment from Trader3cnd...can anyone elaborate on spyware placed on my PC from my strategies? From any particular vendors & what exactly do they look for? How would I find that out? Thanks much.
  6. I've found Forex Strategy Builder very useful. It can optimize, keep some of your data as OOS, can write custom indicators in C#. So long as your data is in a simple csv text format, it can backtest on anything, forex, stocks, futures, etc. I haven't used other tools so can't offer an opinion on how it compares to others.
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    I'm interested in second best backtesting.

    I figure that "best backtesting" has got a lot of followers and new devotees and hangers-on; but second best is most likely a smaller cult following with less clabber-of-the-ignorant. Do you agree?
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    +1 for backtesting tool is the one that you create for yourself,for your specific needs.
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    and while you're at it, make sure you get second best broker, second best data feed, and pay second best commissions.

    Sounds like a winner to me :)
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    i want a second best wife lol.
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