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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fortuna, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. fortuna


    What is the best backtesting system ?

    For intraday data

    For European Stocks also

    with History scenario : for instance, what happens around FOMC rates annoucements when rates are decreased ?
  2. Behold is my preferred back testing program. You can check it out at:

    It's Mac software that can be run on your PC with an emulator.
  3. lindq


    Why wasn't Investor RT included in the list? There are a number of traders on this site who backtest with IRT.:confused:
  4. Jam


    I search a software too and thats why I interested in the result.
  5. Bloomberg is not a backtesting software...
  6. froehl


    check out dynamite sentimentor. it is a great new backtesting software that generates its signals with a "meta sentimentor". with this meta sentimentor you have an absolutely new way to built profitable systems. i have traded the last six months with that tool and i had some very profitable trades.

    you can check it out at .

  7. Shankar


    None of the above is! they all do not offer portfolio backtesting except Wealthlab. TS only offers it with RINA (5000$) and it sucks. TS has failed to deliver it for many years one reason why I left it.
  8. wdbaker


    Can't even believe you forgot that one

  9. nkhoi