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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jay526, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. jay526


    just wondering what do you think is the best automated trading software for IB? i have no programing background but pretty good at technical analysis.

    i've been playing around Ninja Trader 6 for couple days. it seems that so far its pretty good. before i pull the triger, i'd like to hear opinions from you guys. is there any better alternatives?


    oh, and also, i use IB level 2 data.
  2. TickJob


  3. With no Prgramming Background, Multicharts or Ninja Trader IMO are your Best options...

    Smart Quant is great, but requires programming skills....

    Have you tried the NinjaTrader demo???

    It is totally free to users unless you want to use the AT functions.....

    You can test AT strats with the built in Simu account to really get a graps on it....

    Multicharts offers a 30 day demo. However Multicharts Backfill of IB Data is "not there yet" It is SLOW... But they are working on that little issue....
  4. Tums


    re: Mulitchart -- auto-trade is not there either. It only supports market order at the moment.
  5. Your right...... I forgot about that.... I decided not to use it because it's SOOOO slow with data loading and backfilll with IB data....

    So thats Leaves Ninja.... Which I find to be a very nice and fast program..... Especially for the non Programmer..... The Strat Wizard is very nice....
  6. rosy2


    if you are doing this to make money then you need to put forth some effort. this means learn to program and understand what's happenimg. if this is just a hobby or you treat it like a slot machine then an off the shelf product is fine.
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  8. Sure, Ninja Uses C#, so just code it.... Thats not deep. Just adjust for the little ninjascript differences and have at it....

    I could code that in AmiBroker with AFL as well.

    BTW I use AB. though the AT isnt there yet.. The interface is great, but it is still low level code....
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