Best Automated Software with IB?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by katiewc, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Hi I'm using MetaTrader to trade FX right now and I want to use my automated strategy with Interactive brokers. Want to hear what you guys think is good out there and like using as software for automation?

    I'm considering NinjaTrader and SIerra Charts as of now....
    anyone think they have something better?

    One thing i don't like about NT is that the support doesn't seem to be good. Hope to hear experiences from others! Thanks in advance
  2. I fucking hate interactive brokers!

    But when they were my broker I absolutely loved Auto Trader ( ).

    These days I am using Sierra with a TransAct account but I really miss Auto Trader.
  3. tradelink is open source/free platform with IB support, supports data collection, backtesting, auto and semi-automated trading :
  4. katiewc


    enochben, how are you liking sierra?
    it seems they've been around for a while.. i like that.
    do they offer good tech support?
  5. tech support is adequate - I've never had any serious problems so I can't really say how responsive they are in a crisis. pretty stable software.
  6. katiewc


    is auto trader a free software?
    it looks okay but the fact that the contact us link is disabled is rather worrying....
  7. If you can program in Java and use IB then consider JSystemTrader .

    JSystemTrader is a fully automated trading system (ATS) and is free and open source. You only need to program and add your own working strategy.
  8. It looks like its free ... interestingly they recommend using Sierra Chart to display playback data (for trials I think?).

    Sierra is now quite well suited to automating IB trading though.
  9. when i used AT (which I have not in over a year) It was $39 (I think).

    But like Kiwi said - Sierra gets the job done now.
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    I wrote my own ATS with IB's Java API.
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