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    I am looking for a platform which i can input my own values for buys and sell targets and stop levels a large list of symbols and have the system then create and send the order in. Do not want it to do any other calculations or anything, what is the best system for this? The software i would be send orders to is REDIplus. thanks
  2. TradeLink is open-source, free and supports 12 brokers including REDI as well as 3 data feeds.

    Here is code to accomplish what you suggest in an excel-editable file :

    public class MyOrderSender : ResponseTemplate
       const string MYEXCELFILE = "levels.csv";
       const int ORDERSIZE = 100;
       public void Reset()
           int col = 0;
           GenericTracker.CSVInitGeneric<bool>(MYEXCELFILE,ref SYMBOLS, col++);
           GenericTracker.CSVCOL2Generic<decimal>(MYEXCELFILE,ref BUYPRICE, col++);
           GenericTracker.CSVCOL2Generic<decimal>(MYEXCELFILE,ref SELLPRICE,col++);
           foreach (string symbol in SYMBOLS)
                   sendorder(new BuyLimit(symbol,ENTRYSIZE,BUYPRICE[symbol]));
                   sendorder(new SellLimit(symbol,ENTRYSIZE,SELLPRICE[symbol]));
      GenericTracker<bool> SYMBOLS = new GenericTracker<bool>();
      GenericTracker<decimal> BUYPRICE = new GenericTracker<decimal>();
      GenericTracker<decimal> SELLPRICE = new GenericTracker<decimal>();
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    awesome thanks a lot
  4. Hey Tradelink, the project looks interesting. So ASP can capture data from esignal? How is it stored? And do you need the esignal retail api to do this?

    thanks in advance,

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    i tried out tradelink about a month ago and the Redi support was non-existent. has it come this far since then? i recall the documentation online saying that Redi is still a work in progress and sent my email in to be a test monkey/something or other
  6. The website says Redi connection is still in beta
  7. We have some bright users on redi who have been using various tradelink applications including ASP and quotopia for several months.

    However if you are having issues, we'll help you. Please join the users list and report whatever problems you're having. We'll help you with your setup. If there is an issue with any of the brokers or components in tradelink, we're committed to fixing them.

    Yes ASP works with any of the data feeds in tradelink, whether they be a broker feed or a pure data feed like esignal. It will record ticks from any of these sources. To use esignal as a data feed a desktop api entitlement is required, we have many users of this.

    You can find the users list from the main page of the site on the right hand side :