Best argument i have witnessed that is against the tea party.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tsing Tao, Oct 20, 2010.

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  2. +2 :)
  3. Oh come on... Nobody is making a valid argument against the Tea Party... least of all dickhead Ratigan. Ratigan's rant is like asking somebody "when did you stop beating your wife"? What?

    1. Tea Party-ers are not in any position to do ANYTHING yet.... except THROW THE BUMS OUT.

    2. Ratigan is a TOTAL DICK.. full of shit as always.

    If America is EVER going to "right the ship", we'll need 2 things for sure...

    1. The Tea Party has to replace the Republican party. After all, the Republicans are just "Democrats-lite"...

    2. Rejection of the Leftists, Progressives, Communist Democrats... stomp them into oblivion.

    Short of that, America will become like the Soviet Union before its collapse... the only question will be "how long does it take?".
  4. I saw that yesterday as well, and couldn't agree more. It's amazing how quickly the big money comes in and hi-jacks a movement. The actual discussion starts at about 3:30 minutes in to the video posted. It's well worth your time to view it.
    We need laser like focus on bringing the economic terrorists to justice, which is what this movement was in the beginning. Of course, those very same terrorists came in with money to hi-jack the movement and get it back on the "right track". Guns, sex and religion! What a crock of shit!
  5. You really need to get your blinders off. You get a hard on for someone and miss some good points they may make from time to time. Truth is truth regardless of who speaks it, and this time Ratigan and his guests were right on the money.
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    Tsing Tao

    my guess is that you did not watch the video before you went off on your rant. perhaps taking a second to listen to it and you might find you agree with it. it certainly stands for much of what you claim to support.
  7. I agree, but this will never happen so long as Palin and O'Donnel types are the face of that movement. And we need to get off the guns, sex and religion game. Someone wants to talk about God, that's what a church is for. Someone is worried about where someone else is sticking their dick, mind your own fucking business. Guns? Com'on, let's get real. There is no need for automatic weapons to be owned by civilians and calling yourself a collector is total bullshit. Background checks should be mandatory as should a lengthy wait to get a gun. This is just common sense.
    THE PROBLEM that's killing this country are the economic terrorists that have free reign over this country. Unless they are brought to justice, we are screwed. Privatized profits with socialized losses cannot stand!!

    A sad day when the French show more guts than we do.
  8. No, I listen to the entire, sadly misdirected thing.

    The Tea Party is not in a position to do anything yet (if ever they will be).

    Yes, there's are wrongs in the housing mortgage area, but it's not the Tea Party's obligation to have a platform to "fix everything".. just yet, if ever. The Tea Party is about , "let's get back to Constitutional principles", "Smaller, less intrusive government", "fiscal responsibility"... the housing/mortgage issue is NOT a Constitutional one.

    Those guys on the video are wayyy off base, and I like Denninger. But they're out of line on this.. as are YOU!

    As for the mortgage/foreclosure issue... I'm in the camp of "let the houseing market find its own bottom".. that's Capitalism... that's personal responsibility.
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    Tsing Tao

    alright, well you're certainly entitled to your own opinion, even if i feel it's misplaced.

    as for the market finding it's own bottom - that's entirely the point. it CANNOT find it's own bottom as long as it is being manipulated and the bankers are bailing themselves and the crooked politicians out all the time.

    cant believe you missed that point from the video.
  10. Of course the market can't find its own bottom so long as the Powers keep trying to artificially prop it up.

    I didn't miss the point at all.... the argument they were making is irrelevant. The Tea Party is not about arguing, "stop the foreclosures", "stop the banks"... those guys bitching about what the Tea Party is NOT doing is entirely disingenuous.

    What really counts, however, is whether the Tea Party can affect a political move significantly toward Constitutional principles and away from Obama's Communist-like principles. If not, the Tea Party will fade into the dustbin of history and be remembered only as a knee-jerk curiosity.
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