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    About to go pickup a new computer today from the store and I would like to know whats the best antivirus software available? I have had a few trader friends of mine recommend Kaspersky, I was curious to know your opinions?

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  4. A little-known, but excellent Anti-virus is ESET NOD32. It's extremely effective and very light weight (uses very little resources). I had trouble with both Norton and McAfee slowing down my computers and locking them up. The tech guy who set up my system recommended ESET and I've never had another AV problem since.
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    I recently did the same thing.
    Previously I had run the free version of Avast for a complaints.
    This time however, when I downloaded Avast,, it gave me a bunch of attached garbage along with the dl...... so I nuked it.

    3 weeks ago I bought far no complaints.....and no garbage attached with it does everything I not bother me much.

    end of story.
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    couple months ago one pc got infected from the my son's school usb drive. none of all free programs mentioned above able to find\detect it. i notice that something was wrong,when some application was trying to go on internet from this PC. and then find and remove it manually. bottom line-there is no "best" anti virus..know your PC,applications and services,use separate PC's for browsing and trading. maybe even separate network..list can be pretty long,but those are basic steps. just one simple anti virus program will not guarantee you even basic security
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    I've used CA antivirus for years. So far it has been impervious. Doesn't bother me much and doesn't seem to affect computer speed.
  8. Looks like the PC magazine editor's choice is Norton 360 4.0. My Trend Micro is about to expire and I have gotten several viruses as a subscriber. It took 37 e-mails back and forth as well as several long telephone conversations to get rid of the last Trojan on one of my back-up computers. Anyone have experience with Norton?
  9. avg has a free version i use, works for me.

    I also recommend malware bytes free as well... i use it to scan new zip files, etc... never let me down, its very fast and takes up zero resources.
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