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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Tsing Tao, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I'm sure this has been asked before a zillion times, but perhaps the info is outdated. What is the best anti virus program to use that is SIMPLE and not a resource hog? I used to use AVG, but the friggen program has so much crap with it now that it's nothing but a resource drain.

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    I used to use AVG and thought it was pretty good. Didn't think it was a resource hog.

    Right now I switched to Avast! because I liked the fact that they allow you to reboot into DOS mode scanning. Highly rated.
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    Microsoft Security Essentials + Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (install/use both)
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    comodo firewal+antivirus is not a bad combo.they are using slightly different approach,where user making the final decisions. imo worth to try. at least-if you don't like it-it won't ruin your PC during uninstall process. separate PC for browsing only + solid antivirus sitting on separate router is the way to go. at off course something like acronis for regular back ups
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Eset looks good - but $60 bucks a year? Wow that's expensive.
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    I have really good experiences with AVAST. I recommend this one.
    They have free version but I have bought licence for all computers in my home office .
  7. You get what you pay for when it comes to AV. You asked for something with a lighter footprint and simple.. ESET's products fit that better than most anything on the market (especially footprint wise.)

    They do discounts on multi-year and multi-seat purchases.. I buy for my entire family plus my multiple computers every 2 years and it works out to be MUCH less per seat than a single license alone.

    Keep in mind thought, this is for SmartSecurity, which includes a firewall, anti-spam plugins for email, anti-spyware, etc.. Not just anti-virus.

    If you just get Nod32 on its own, it's 1/3rd less costly.

    You can always stick to the free, or cheaper, services out there.. but they have horrible records of protection against zero-day threats, worse detection performance, and (in your words) issues with hogging resources.
  8. +1 for Eset nod32, I have used it for years and buy the two year two computer deal and it is not that much. I like it better than anything else I have tried, and I have yet to have any virus or problems with the software. I don’t use their smartsecurity since windows firewall is good enough when you are on a desktop and your router has a firewall too. I also like Malwarebytes and it is free.
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