Best and Worst CNBC Commercials

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  1. For those of us who stare at CNBC all day, thought this might be fun to see which commercials we all like and which ones bug the crap out of us all.

    My vote:

    BEST - They don't run it anymore, but I used to love the Archipelago one where the guy picks up the girl at her door for a blind date where she goes "My friends told me you were cute" and he responds "Well my friends told me you were desperate" and ends with "Oooh, I just farted." If you know which one I am talking about, I laughed every single time that one came on.

    WORST - The Princeton daytrading ads never ran in my area, but everyone seems to know about these through the grapevine. Part of me wants to like these, I mean the girls are pretty hot, but they are just so brutally bad I can't believe someone paid to air these. Here's a link to check them out:

    Can you tell it's slow today?

  2. SGD


    My favorite:

    I think it was an E-Trade commercial? The guy was watching his position in his home office and he is making funny noises and expressions when his stock goes up and down. Then he jumps out of his window, and his sees his neighbor when he is lying on his lawn.


    Stewart...from Ameritrade
  4. Babak


    My favorite Ameritrade was the one where Stuart's boss asks him to come in and help him hang himself.

    Oh wait, they never aired that! :D
  5. monee


    My favorite was the discover brokerage commercial with the tow truck driver and the man in the suit.
    The tow truck driver had a picture of the island he owned on the sun visor.

    Was a great commercial!
  6. I never watch CNBC but I have to step in and give Enron props for weirdness.

    What the heck was with that dude in the metal suit?
  7. Notice in the first AMTD Stuart commercial, the stock "Mr. P" buys is K-Mart.
  8. Stuart says "OK lets extinguish this candle"
  9. Best - The new commercial with the bull and cow , also the commercial where the guys jumps out the first floor window after going nuts Day Trading.

    Worst - where the 2 guys are at work and the one guy gets the stock for a few cents less then the other guys , even though they supposedly placed the trades at the same time.
    I guess the people who wrote that commercial don't Day Trade.
    Tied for Worst - the new Maria B commercial touting her as the most In The Know person CNBC has.
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