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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by greencow, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. greencow


    A few months ago TOS closed my account when they were taken over by ameritrade, as I am a UK resident. I was disappointed as I liked their platform

    Please can you recommend a good replacement with a platform of similar sophistication and has copious free data which is open to UK residents. I have had a look at OEC and quite like the client but can only trade FX and futures with them - again because of my residency...

  2. rmorse

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    If you looking for a great platform that is similar to TOS, check out Silexx Obsidian. You can do a 14 day trial. BTW: It's not free. There is a $200 and $400 version.

    You can trade Equities and Options on that platform through our prime brokers that we introduce to, if your account qualifies for Customer Portfolio Margin through us.

    It's worth it.

  3. That platform looks awesome. I assume exchange fees passthrough in addition to the platform fees.
  4. rmorse

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    Yes...full DMA.
  5. greencow


    thanks for suggestion - will look into it.