Best all-in-one broker/software for swing trading stocks only?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by txlegalpro, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Isn't there a broker out there with one software you can use to scan, trade, simulate, backtest, analyze, and chart with life feeds?

    I am a newbie just starting with Ameritrade and very frustrated as have to use multipe different softwares there to get best scanning, charting, backtesting, live-feed analysis, etc, and trying to use Ninja with their feed to simulate but having lots of bug problems and limitations. I don't think Ameritrade wants its new users to simulate at all so they can start collecting brokers fees right off.

    I am using mostly EMA indicators, so I just want a simple software with live feeds where I can adjust pretty basic trend indicators easily, get news, chart, backtest, and simulate easily, without having to use 5 different programs to do it. Ninja seems to require more programming than its worth, especially when trying to simulate with Ameritrade feed, and, as is with most softwares I've looked at, all the best bells and whistles are geared towards daytrading futures, which I feel is way to dangerous for new traders.

    I like the Ameritrade Strategy Desk since there are lots of strategies and indicators you can edit easily for scanning and charting, but no live feed or simulation available, and I actually like the chart layout on Ameritrade commander much better which has live feeds, but no scanning or backtesting there.

    I got a trial subsription to Ameritrade's Advanced Analyzer hoping it might be best of both worlds, but very disappointed as it does not even have EMAs -- only MAs that I could tell. And this is supposed to be advanced? Pissed me off so much I have not really played with it much.

    I guess the most frustrating thing for me about all of Ameritrade's software is that you cannot simulate or papertrade with any of it. I tried a demo at Think or Swim, but it was geared towards futures also and not that adapatable to my developing swing trading strategies, which are based mostly on EMA and trend and chart patterns.
  2. I would like to read other traders' recommendations as well.