Best algo trade platform for Interactive Broker?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Murphy67, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Murphy67


    Hi, What automated trading platform do you recommend for IB?

    - will implement my trading strategy
    - programming language C#

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  3. MotiveWave

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    MotiveWave doesn't support C#, but if you can code in Java, MotiveWave has programmable strategies (custom strategies can be created using Java SDK).
  4. Robert Morse

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    CBOE Silexx is certified for IB-and Lightspeed- And it is Multi broker so you can have accounts at IB and other brokers (like Lightspeed).
  5. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    You can connect your IB account to NinjaTrader and use it for free as long as you wish to develop and test your system using data from your IB account. NinjaTrader is C# based and we have a lot of educational resources and technical support (also free) to help you in your journey.
  6. How about IB's own API?
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    Depends on your strategy. If it is straightforward then all of the solutions mentioned will likely work.
  9. Is there a solution that handles partial fills automatically or do you always have to write the code for it?
  10. Felix168


    well, every platform has their advantages and disadvantages... it all depends on what you are planning to trade. Some things to consider:
    • portfolios: if you are planning to trade only a single instrument, or a basket where the instruments are totally independent, most platforms will do. If you are planning to trade a portfolio, with an overarching money-management, only few platforms will make this enjoyable.
    • account types: if you are planning to trade only a single account, you will probably be ok whenever the box says it supports IB. If you are planning to trade multiple accounts as a money-manager, things look sad.
    • trading types: if you need fully automated trading, you will need a platform that can interface with IB. However, if you are trading only once per day, you might have more options. In this case you would only need to have access to IB's account status, and could then write out a basket file, which you import into TWS' Basket Trader with just two mouse clicks.
    • reports: most platforms will create some report for you. However, if you need fully configurable reports, with specialized metrics, and additional plots, choices are slim.
    • data sources: every platform will connect with some data source, but maybe not the one that you would like to use. Data are crucial, and many data sources are not properly adjusted for dividends, which makes them unusuable for strategies running across dividend cycles.
    I am the maintainer of TuringTrader, which is an open-source backtesting engine written in C#. I wrote this, because of my specific needs which MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, QuantConnect and some others did not address. I am using this platform for all of the model portfolios I run for my firm, submitting several thousand orders per year... using the basket file method outlined above.

    Cheers, Felix
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