Best Album of all Time?

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  1. I'm going with Pink Floyd's "The Wall."
  2. Many greats.

    Abbey Road.

    Sgt. Peppers.

    Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore.

    Derek and Dominoes Layla.

    Exile on Main Street.
  3. without a doubt The Bends...

    2nd greatest -- Liquid Skin (Gomez)
  4. All of the above from both Optional and Aphie.

    I would also add,

    Let it Bleed
    The White Album
    Eat a Peach
    Electric Ladyland
    Led Zeplin (all albums)
    Volunteers of America
    Crown of Creation
    Surrealistic Pillow
    1st 2 Country Joe and the Fish albums
    4 Way Street (CSN&Y)
    Sticky Fingers
    Woodstock Sound Track
    Rubber Soul
    New York (Lou Reed)
    Doors first album
    Joe Cocker first album
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Bat out of Hell (Meatloaf)
    Who's Next
    Who Live at Leeds
    Kinks Greatest Hits
    Queens Greatest Hits (first disk only)
    Her Satanic Majestie's Request
    Beggars Banquet
    Nashville Skyline
    Highway 61 Revisited
    The Sky is Crying (especially SRV's rendition of "Little Wing")
    All Grateful Dead (studio, live, bootleg)
    Santana (forget the name of the album, but weird tiger art on cover)
    Cream (all albums)
    Blind Faith
    Velvet Underground and Nico (with banana cover)
    Axis Bold as Love
    *and of course many more belong on the list*.


    PS: Best Cover....(original) Satanic Majesties Request!!!
  5. I would add

    Waka Jawaka
    Live Stock
    Kind of Blue
    Blow By Blow

  6. ahh...the kinks...i always liked the kink kronikles the best out of their compilations...personally, i think the kinks were the most talented brit band out of their era.

    and what about floyd's meddle?? i always thought it was the best...

    nights of future passed, by the moody blues is missing from your list.

    how about head hunters??

    ELP? i'd throw tarkus into my top 20 for sure...

    frank zappa?? grand wazoo makes top 25 and sheik yerbouti definitely top 10..."broken hearts are for assholes" is perhaps zappa's finest lyrical accomplishment...:D

    bowie? he's gotta be up there...i don't have many of his albums, but young americans and whatever album the bewlay brothers is on are on my top 25...

    iggy pop's lust for life...maybe on my top 40...

    paul simon's rhythm of the saints...or that 1964-1993 set definitely top in the park up there as well...

    talking heads...ahh...just about anything of theirs definitely top 25...
  7. Rush

    Moving Pictures
  8. Guaranteed to offend at least one family member or your money back.


    Gotta take little joey out now he needs a new hat. batta bing batta boom.

  9. Darkness on the Edge of Town
  10. I think mrmarket's real favorite album is more like:

    "Chipmunks On The Edge Of A Delicatessen"

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