Best Advice To Benarke

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  1. Write it down on this thread. Keep it short--- if you can.

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  2. Jump.
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  4. sumfuka


    Shave the beard, grow a full set of hair and change your name. It's not your fault the system is broken so don't fix it. Tell Greenspan it's his responsibility. :p
  5. Visaria


    Stop listening to Geithner:

  6. Unless you mean an old wig, he cannot do it.
  7. His face widened. Could it suggest that he does not work hard in the job? He had less round face while doing other things
  8. dis


    Check if your health insurance covers lobotomy.
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    drink turpentine, piss on a camp fire.
  10. lindq


    Go back to "South of the Border" where you came from.

    Balance their books.
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