Best 6Gb Memory Kit (Triple Channel)

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    I have a brand new, never opened Mushkin ram that I would like to sell.

    Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHZ (6-8-6-24) Model # 998826

    I bought two of these for a high end built, but only needed to use 1, as my system rarely exceeds 4GB, no matter how many charts I have open.

    I think this is the best, most stable 6GB KIT ever made. Perfect for a trading rig.

    Will sell for $110. PM me.

    Mushkin has a lifetime warranty on this ram.

    Here is one review of this memory:
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    This is like comparing Mercedes to a Yugo.

    For a more proper comparison see this:

    This memory however is CL8 (8-8-8-24) and is thus inferior.

    The one I am selling is CL6 (6-8-6-24) And I am selling it for $16.00 cheaper than the one above.

    Now I will not go into the myriad of differences between the cheap run of the mill ram that you quoted in your post and the accepted standard of quality and performance in the ram that I am selling. Suffice it to say that the heatsink alone is a leap in terms of cooling performance compared to the ram you posted. Not to mention the dramatic difference in latency.
  3. That may be the case. But I suspect your Mercedes owner equivalent in the trader's world most likely won't be DIY to build a computer. At any rate your post should go to the Classified forum.

    I have been driving 3 Yugos and they have not broken down on me yet.
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    The item was not discontinued as of 1 month ago, as per Mushkin.

    The item you linked on Amazon for $102 is a different item. Looks exactly the same. But the latencies are 8-8-8-24 and the Model # 998827.

    If you READ MY ORIGINAL POST carefully you'll see the Model # of the ram I am selling is 998826 and the latencies are 6-8-6-24
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    Not true, I know plenty of day traders who either built their own pc's or buy all the components and have someone else put the system together.

    Have you driven your Yugos at 75 miles per hour? For 5 hours?

    The most important thing in a trading rig is stability. I have used systems from Dell, HP, and Compaq, and have found that most if not all the systems they sell come with inferior components.
    Now, for the average run of the mill person buying a PC for general home use it may not matter much.
    For someone who will be backtesting various things and using a PC as a terminal to day trade to make a living - it is imperative to have a stable system with memory that is fast, stable, and does not overheat...
  7. I have 16GB (4x4GB) of GSkill memory in my main development box (9-9-9-24-2N timing) with an Intel 2600K. When you can get a newegg special, they go for $65-70 (2x4GB).

    Although not very precise, the Windows 7 memory rating is 7.8 (out of 7.9). And the machine is rock solid and stable.

    I question the significance of spending extra on better timing for any user (performance or average). My recommendation is CL9 is fine and instead spend extra and buy an SSD hard drive.

    You will never notice the increase in timing, but you will see a big difference with the SSD.
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    When the manufacturer slaps a "contact us" instead of a "buy me" link you can be assured that it's been EOL'd.

    Mushkin makes damn good RAM, albeit with oddball timing. They're knock has always been than they EOL a given SKU too damn quickly and that's going to be a problem for anyone who doesn't buy two sets since it gets hard to match those oddball timings later on.

    Good catch, Amazon has a habit of doing that...

    Like I said, oddball timing. I'd guess that a set of CL8 1333 would easily clock at 1600 CL7 without skipping a beat.

    Now, if you said you were significantly overclocking an i7-990X then we would be having an entirely different discussion. Then again, we wouldn't be talking about some pedestrian 1600 speed RAM either...