Best $500 margin broker???

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  1. Anyone know a good broker with $500 margins and a stable, quick and FREE platform that has a good built-in charting. I am only trading the ES so it can be simple. Low rates and web trading option wouldn't hurt either! Thanks.
  2. From what you're looking for Openecry has all the features you're looking for: stable(24/6), quick and FREE platform, good built-in charting, $500 daytrading margins, negotiable(low) rates and web trading.
    Charting is good, but not excellent imho.

    Another good broker for ES is JRfutures it's an IB for PFG , low ES rates ~$4.10/rt all-in, charting with the free platform is not advanced, there's usually 1hr maintenance overnight(12am-1am) , no web trading, 25% daytrading margins(~$500).
  3. What platform from JRfutures is the former Trademaven
    platform ?
    Is it a stable platform at this moment ?

  4. no!
  5. huge230


    The intitial margin is still 4k right? and your account could be drawn down to 500 before it is sold of. Is that correct?
  6. Depends on the broker.

  7. Global---

    free X trader, no minimum account size, 500.00 day trade margins.

    you cant beat this.


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  9. they have free Xtrader-----you need to ask for the transactional model. yes, you do pay slightly more in commissions--i believe 4.75 round turn total all in.------ for low volume traders who want Xtrader, this is the best deal out there.


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