best 3rd party platform that works with mac?

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  1. i cant find any platforms for the life of me. anyone know any for macs? if so which ones the best?
  2. I don't yet own a mac, but I did the research and plan on getting own soon - I'd get VM Fusion by VMware... save yourself the hassle of trying to find a Mac ready platform.

    Its like $60 now.
  3. thanks for the response psytrade but i already tried that and tested it out with quotetracker and it doesnt work good like that. theres alot of lag time. i can get away with what im doing now because ive got power etrade pro free for another few months but sooner or later i need a good 3rd party platform thats meant for a mac. worst case senario il have to pay $30 a month for markettrader through etrade but it only lets me use a maximum of 2 charts. i just cant believe theres not one out there? no one knows one?

    tell you the truth the only things i need is a good level 2 that also gives the time and sales of the trades that just got executed and i need to be able to see 3-4 line charts at the same time with the volume in green and red. thats the only things i need if someone knows a service.
  4. You might try Virtual Box by Sun same concept. I ran Ninja Trader and charts no problems with it on Linux, same concept though, VM. Only issue I had was connecting DTN IQ.

    Fire tip, from Farr Financial works since its java based, or so I have heard.
  5. thanks dandxg but i dont wanna run it like that. if a platform isnt meant for a mac then i dont wanna run it. you guys sound like one doesnt exist. do i have no options?
  6. Nothing Mac specific I know of.
  7. thanks anyway dandxg. if anyone knows one please post. it looks like il probably just have to pay for etrade markettrader.
  8. zltrader


    ZLT ( ) supports MAC, Linux and Windows.

  9. thanks
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    Last week we released a version of R | API for .NET and for MAC. I expect some screen providers to make use of it soon.
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