Best 30" Monitor ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joab, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Why not spend half the cost of not more and run actual HD TV's...? Resolution if you are splitting hairs is different but I've never had issues plus snag 3-4 top brand TV's for for the price of 1 nice 32 inch monitor?
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  2. Exactly. I tried a Dell 30 inch but the size and the heat where too much for me to take. Went back to 24 incher.
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  3. Whatever set up you feel most comfortable with will likely lead to the best results... So I totally understand!

    Just out of total curiosity, I understand 32 inches could be simply OVERKILL for some (I'm 29 and fighting the fact of going to the eye doctor for glasses lol partly why fits myself well).

    When you mentioned, "temperature" did you mean the TV's were becoming physically HOT or your computer?

    I only ask because honestly, I received my MacBook Pro as a gift when I was thinking of a custom built CPU. Either way both have their pro's and con's but I never played around with a Mac for more than a few minutes before I opened mine (again as a gift). I actually became to like it MUCH more than any windows 8 system. My dad, step mom, and mom are all computer programmers and have been for years which everyone uses a Mac as their main computer but they have windows and Linux installed additionally...

    Personally, if I had to run a different operating system than the native Eco-system built for my machine like my parents or many others do, I would be purchase a Windows machine!

    Yes I have seen Windows run faster on a Mac than on a true Windows meant machine and sure I have seen it done reliably...

    However, ANY EDGE or PREVENTING ERRORS while trading LARGE amounts of money I would want apples to apples NOT an setup that is "apples to oranges".
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  4. The heat from the Dell monitor. But I hear the newer models use a lot less power and therefore run cooler.
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    I just got a benq 3201pt 4k monitor. Very impressed for less than $1k. Had to upgrade my graphics card so got a fanless AMD r7 sapphire 250. I am used to tws on one screen and chrome on the other. They are now side by side but I have much greater depth, 2160 pixels. Connect by the included mini diplayport cable to get 60hz. changed the font size in tws to 24 and large icoms and set chrome to 200%. Reviews on Amazon were much better for the benq than the lg31u97 and it is much cheaper. There were no reviews for the even more expensive Samsung.
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    When I looked into this a while back, the only 30" monitor that would allow rotation and would [barely] fit when rotated to vertical was the Dell [probably a rebranded Samsung]. I wanted to see the entire option chain in one screen with very little scrolling. It was so huge that I had to angle them forward a bit so that it would not bump against the desk. I don't remember why I didn't just mount the things.

    I don't know if there are any today that does this, but it would need to support this feature and the only ones I would buy.
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    This is very old thread and I really do not know how much it really costs in the end today, but in 2019 it's more than sure that 27" is nothing unusual and maybe even 30" so I think some $300 model from ASUS of this devices will suit you very well for trading needs.
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