Best 30" Monitor ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joab, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Joab


    Some help form all you smart techy guys please.

    I want the best 30" or 27" monitor for the price.

    I like swivel and 3000:1 ratio.

    Comments and links are appreciated.

    Thank U

  2. I bought a 30" HP off eBay for $895. I love it.
  3. gnome


    30's and 27's are waaayyy different... like 2560x1600 for the 30", 1920x1200 for 27".
  4. Aok


  5. Joab


    I'm finding 1000:1 ratio's only with the 30" but 3000:1 with 27"

    Is this that important or is resolution the most important for clarity?
  6. gnome


    1000:1 is more likely only a modest exaggeration. 3000:1 is from phony-baloney marketing misdirection.
  7. I've been using a Dell 30" for almost a it so well I'm buying another. Also, check out the Soyo 24"s at Office Max, currently $279...have 4 of these too and buying 1 more :)
  8. depends on what you use it for, just trading than I recommend the samsung 305T, cheap and good quality. If you want a really high end monitor than I suggest you wait for the new NEC model.
  9. Tums


    Have you ever sat in front of a 30" for extended period of time?

    It feels like a wall on your face. Not everybody can handle it.
  10. Chart background color being black helps a lot.
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