Best 24 inch monitor?

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  1. My preference is for a smooth film-like appearance (this probably comes down to dot pitch), and a fast response time. I could go down or up a couple of inches in size.

    CNET rates the Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP high in this regard. So that's my current hurdle as far as quality goes. Price is not a big factor, but I don't want to go to the 5 and 6k screens like the EIZO's.

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    I researched the flat panels for 2 years before I got mine.

    This was the best bang for the buck in all aspects and I am so glad I did my research. Besides the fact i saved a truck load of money. I currently use 4 turned sideways giving more straight up and down screen and less side to side looking.

    Use 3 and you never have to turn your head, but with the 4 I use I turn a little, but I use the 4th for my least actively watched stuff.

    Yes, I bought mine used and would buy more if needed.

    The stand on these alow you to swivel the moni anyway you like.
  3. Thanks for the info.

    Yes, I really like the idea of turning monitors vertically. Do you just, well, turn the screens? Any special drivers needed?
  4. I own two of these. Never had a problem in 18 months of ownership. I use the original stands. They move in any direction needed.

    - Spydertrader
  5. dell
  6. im running 6 dell 2405's.. no complaints on picture quality / speed..

    i did have to send one back because it stopped working.. Dell sent a new one in about a week..

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    I use Gateway 2485w. Great monitor.

    If you can get the Dell 2405 (not 2407) that is excellent monitor as well.

    Those are 24"

    Gateway also makes a very nice 22". The 2275w. I use that one also. No complaints.

    Samsung 204b is very nice 20"

    And Dell 1905 model is outstanding 19"
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    DELL is undoubtedly the best.
  9. dinoman


    there is a sofware that comes with it to do that. The sofftware is crap, but if you just use it for the turning adjustment it is fine. Don't mess with it any further then you ok.
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