BEST 2 Forex Websites: and

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  1. BEST 2 Forex Websites: and

    I've looked at "so many"...honestly...I think these are the "2 best forex websites"...agree, thoughts, other that could be "As good or better"????...please chime in...thanks!!!
  2. come on dudes...add to this thread for the help of many
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  4. dokweed


    I think Forex Factory could be considered "As good or better".
  5. Reuters and Bloomberg

    What are you guys looking for from a good forex website, and (how) does it help with your day-to-day trading?
  6. Both sites just rehash the day's news, provide some light "analysis", and throw up a bunch of basic TA trade ideas (with non-existent track records b/c they'd be absolutely horrendous).

    I second the Bloomberg recommendation.
  7. Here is what I am looking for:

    1-strong daily numbers: MA's, pivots, support, resistance etc.
    2-concise and to the point news
    3-concise and to the point technical analysis
  8. I'll check out Bloomberg...and Reuters...thanks!
  9. hey cats... really is the best...looked at Bloomberg...what a joke in my opinion...they just show the currency quote and that is all should check out