Best 1-day and 5-day charting software

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  1. Interested in the best 1-day and 5-day realtime charting software. Basically looking for volume thats red/green (I'm sure most do anyways, but no black as you cant guage supply/demand) and a realtime program that allows up to 20 chart windows on a screen.

    I've tried Quotetracker - but as I understand it though you can have many charts up they are all one day.

    I use Streetsmart Pro from Schwab but they only allow 4 charts, so i have the program running on 3 computers to allow up to 12 charts. A better program out there?

    How is Interactive Brokers TWS? Does it allow realtime 5-day charting and how many charts?

  2. David I

    David I

    I like RealTick or ErlangerQuote. Either will allow you to have lots of charts. I prefer the rock solid quote delivery of RealTick but I prefer the ease of use and all the cool tools, etc. you can use with ErlangerQuote [EQ]. Note when comparing costs you need to consider that EQ requires a subscription to QCharts for the datafeed. One could just use QCharts but I like the value-add I get from EQ. RealTick was great for me for a long time since my main broker was a RealTick based broker and so the 'cost' of the software was rebated back to me with the amount of trading I was doing. I gather by reading between the lines that you have a broker already and are looking more for just a charting tool. If so realize that RealTick can be had minus the order entry/broker connection but you may not like the cost compared to other solutions. Good luck on your quest! There are quite a number of very capable tools out there. These are just two I like and tend to come back to time and time again.

    Here are the links to the solutions I mentioned: (for RealTick) (for ErlangerQuote) (for QCharts)

    If you are interested in RealTick you might want to check out the many fine RealTick based brokers and check out their commission structures etc. You may find this to be a very good move and it gets you into some great software. Terra Nova Online has a presence on these boards and many people have good things to say about them and they are a realtick based broker. Learn about them at:

    I don't work for any of these companies or get any compensation for mentioning them. I just have been (or am) a happy user of their services.

    - David I
  3. I'm currently using the QCharts datafeed with the Trade Prospector charting software. No limit to # of charts. Has things like color coded volume, automatic moving average of volume, automatic support/resistance lines, variety of technical studies, buy/sell signal generating studies, signal confirmation studies, you can summarize studies to generate combined signals, etc.