Besides Esignal, any good pairs charting software?

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    I am wondering if there is any good realtime charting software that will plot the spread of two instruments as if they were a single entity as well as give you the option to change the ratio between the two so as to keep the spread as close to zero as possible (for obvious reasons)? I have checked out Ensign, Ninja and Sierra and from what I can tell, none of them offer what I am looking for.
    I have an account with IB right now, so I have a data feed if whatever charting software is compatible with them?

    Thanks so much for any help and have a great year trading!!
  2. Neoticker for example. You can construct any index or spread with weights you want either with user-defined symbols or roll your own using their formula language.
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    I believe Ninja 7, currently in beta offers it.
  4. CQG charts traditional two-instrument spreads as well as multi-legged spreads like a champ.
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    iqfeed DTN

    With DTN ProphetX you can do this as a simple SYMBOL1-SYMBOL2 when you enter a symbol on a chart/QuoteSheet/Etc. You can use SYMBOL1/4.25-SYMBOL2 or similar basic math functions as well. Take a look at the "Free Form Function" Section:!SSL!/WebHelp/Adding_Symbols_to_Quote_Windows.htm

    Or, you can use the synthetic symbol functionality to create the ratio's of the spread components and assign a synthetic symbol to that.!SSL!/WebHelp/SYNTHETIC_SPREADS.htm

    As far as I know Ensign Software also has this by going to "Custom Symbols" in the Set-up menu.
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    Thanks a lot for all of the responses, will check them out. As I am already familiar with Ninja and like their order entry screens, am hoping they come out with their 7 soon so that I can check it out. As with the equally robust NeoTicker, I can use IB as my data feed.
    CQG looks better than Esignal though a little steeper in price but accuracy and easy reads could make it worth the extra few hundred per month. DTN also looks good from what I could tell at a glance though I think these two use their own data feeds as opposed to IB's somewhat "chunky" feeds. As I don't look at any chart of shorter duration than 5 minutes, I am thinking it may not make much difference.
    Besides Ninja, I had not looked at any of these before so thanks again for all the leads.
    Best of luck trading!!
  7. Have you tried Tradestation?

    For me e-signal and tradestation are the two best out there!

    But I tend to go more towards tradestation due to having many years of data!
  8. I use TradeStation for this. Works great.
    1) Add both (or more symbols) to chart
    2) Hide them or keep them visible according to taste
    3) Put in a indicator:
    C data1 * NumCtx1 + C data2 * NumCtx2 + C data3 * NumCtx3 etc. etc

    For example: Long 2 ES, Short 3 NQ would be
    C data1 * 2 *50 + C data2 * -3 * 20 (this plots the $ differential)
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  10. not bad. making some improvements! just need to use more data for the tick charts and we are rolling! in particular i love to use 123t and 233t tick charts interval for intra day trading! :)
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