Berry De Mey at 55

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    OK, he used to be a body builder champion, but still:

    35 years ago, at a couples competition:

    He has his own channel, he was 4 years younger here:

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  2. 55 is relatively young and healthy and vibrant and capable still. -- if you were 85, then things would look slightly different.
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    Just wait until you pass 50. I bet you are under 35...
  4. 50+ is the new 30's.

    If you have a healthy diet free of junk foods, sugar, fast food, fried foods, smoking, drinking -- and are exercising and taking up healthy life will feel and look amazingly youthful and vibrant still at that age.

    and it helps to wear the right clothes, and take photos/selfies in the right lighting and angle. even possibly wear some light makeup, and get a new haircut/style.

    And likewise on the flipside of that coin...some young people look like shit. because of poor life choices and habits in diet and physical habits and social and mental choices. etc etc
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    Of course I do. :)

    But not everybody is as good looking as I am. And some people need motivation, thus this thread was born.
  6. Motivation to take steroids? Because he obviously still does. If I were to go that route, I'd prefer to look like Frank Zane. Zane is now in his 70s. The latest photos I saw of him on the Internet are from when he was in his mid-60s, where he still looked good and was probably no longer using.
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    FF, I couldn't help to notice that no matter what I posted today you have been critical of it. So here it is my final post for you, let's see if you can find anything negative in it:

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  8. If I offended, then my apologies. Really.

    I think you're a good guy. But we don't often agree. Forums are about exchange and debate. Point and counterpoint. I assure you it's nothing personal. You just touched on topics about which I have an opinion. And so I expressed them. We can still go our separate ways at the end of the day on good terms.

    Oh, and don't get me started on that last post of your. It's a real dog. :D
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    Many of those Zane pix are photo shopped, just sayin'.
  10. That I didn't know. Are you sure? And just to be clear, do you mean the earlier photos or the later ones?
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