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    I had no idea this was even A Thing. Apparently I'm supposed to care because this fool took out a bunch of loans to go to college and hasn't figured out a way to pay it back. Dumbass should have gotten a job first. Then again, he's a dumbass. AND OPPRESSED! Because surely it was somebody else's fault. Of course.

    Oh, and I'm perfectly fine with him not procreating, too. The planet is full.
  2. That guy is full of shit. If he made his payments on time since graduating 8 years ago there is no way possible his debt INCREASED by tens of thousands.
    More fictional stories from the left.
    Bunch of parasites
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    My son has a friend, tons of student loan debt, law degree. Originally felt some empathy till they confessed to squandering large amounts on luxury items and lifestyle while in school.

    Oh yeah, they too feel their debt should be forgiven. :banghead:
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    Apparently they didn't teach him anything about How The World Actually Works, and Why You Need a Job, Too, when he was getting his sociology degrees. But, that's not what you need to know for actually growing up, right?
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  5. It's interesting to me that these debt-slave millennials blame everyone but the universities that gouged them for a worthless product.
  6. I still feel we defer blame from the people responsible looking to blame schools entirely.

    University offers degrees and you pick them. If you were smart enough to get in to school but so dumb enough to pick a major useless or could have gotten. Online 1/10th the cost then you blame the vag in the mirror.

    School is overpriced for sure BUT a university offers you numerous opportunities for majors and minors to leave as someone who is skilled and ready not for a job (any waffle with a heartbeat can get a job) but a Career.

    Told my son college is where you have freedom to take some classes in subjects you might have an interest and even MINOR in something to broaden your horizons, but your MAJOR is something to establish a Career. Although personally I am going to guide him towards starting his own career/business and his education supporting that. No one gets comfortable working for someone else.

    That being said...if you have in a studio apartment and pursue a career to pay off those loans and drive a used car and ditch the Starbucks and stop bitching about loan forgiveness when you did shit to get you out of the hole.

    I would take a smart online graduate over a dumbass Harvard grad.
  7. The universities have a monopoly on selling keys to the upper middle class door. Very hard to get in without one, so they can charge pretty much what they want, as long as they can get someone to front them the money. Enter government, there to "help" students afford college. In reality it all went right into the deep pockets of the universities.

    Now they all want to wipe out the loans, kind of like when the banks got bailed out in the Great Financial Crisis. And then everyone kept their job and bonuses, etc. Just reset the books and start over.
  8. I would love to see Trump come out with a proposal to adjust student loans. Not a total write-off but substantial. But it would require the universities to cough up some as well, plus strict limits going forward on loan guarantees with adjustments made for likely earning potential. The dems would never accept it and Trump would nevertheless look like he tried.
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    But that would mean he really would be trying to help middles class, no way. his interests lie elsewhere.
  10. This is true, but we must remember that many of these kids are just that, kids. They're going to believe whatever the admissions rep tells them to do. This is especially true if they come in with little or no parental assistance. Also factor in that a good percentage fall into the 2.7GPA or there about. The admissions rep looks at that and suggests an easy schedule for the freshman year. What kid doesn't want that? He/she also finds out that the easy schedule allows for easy passing grades? What kid doesn't want that? Assuming they don't drop out after a semester or two, they find themselves with no major, a bunch of worthless classes, and should they decide to stay on they end up with a degree in some nonsense, and now tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a worthless degree and zero marketable skills. Yes, they shoulder much of the responsibility for this, but the schools are also in it neck deep. The system is broken and I don't think we the taxpayer should have to bail it out, certainly not without some major institutional changes to the system.
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