Bernie Sanders rips Greenspan a new Hole..

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  1. Go Bernie, Go Bernie...

    Rep. Bernie Sanders (I) from Vermont just ripped Greenspan a new hole. Said to his face, that you are completely out of touch with reality and what average working people are going through with job losses, medical insurance, etc...


  2. I just watched it...Now republicans are ripping him.....funny dialogue too....Greenspan says there's no risk of inflation......then why the fuck did he keep messing with the market in 2000?...Do you realize he raised rates in june 2000 then six months later started the greatest rate reduction in our history???? he took out the stock market and now he can't get it to get going's time he stopped paying attention to the market and based more of his decisions on the actual economic figures .....I for one though think the economy will run for the next year and then he will retire ....and the us will then have the real estate bubble ( that he created) burst!!
  3. So what exactly does the great economic thinker Bernie Sanders, the Socialist from Vermont, propose that Greenspan should be doing? Raising rates, maybe? Honestly, they should let Greenspan do what Yasser Arafat did once when he addressed the UN carrying a pistol. One dumb question and he pulls that gat out and takes care of the annoyance. Just a word of advice Mr. Chairman, bring plenty of ammo.

  4. Jobs? Medical cover? Concerns about -- get this -- actualy human beings? Bah, who needs that crap.
    Growth baby, just gimme the growth!

    ('Course, those things are really Greenie's direct concern, via his job role, but still, I'm glad to see they were brought up -- helps keep some perspective on things.)
  5. Your not an american so why would you care what sanders or greenspan or the american economy does? In addition, I never knew that growth was bad......If you do , take one look at the situation in California...they can;t get power companies to build there thus they have to pay thru the nose for energy...And if I hear this minimum wage thing one more time im going to puke.....Sanders brought up WALMART....Ok, How do you think walmart would do if they gave all employees $20.00 per hour, full medical and other benefits?....Do you think they'd have a hugely profitable company? Do you think they'd be a deep discounter or would they have to RAISE their prices to accommodate all those costs? Do you think they would employ 100's of thousand of employees?....All those points Sabders brings up only work in a socialist/communist state.
  6. Well if it's not clear to you by now that I happen to take an intense interest to what happens in the US then I'm not sure anything I say again will help. But just for you TM -- cos we go back a ways, you and I -- I'm interested the political and economic events and climate in America because they tend to have a substantial effect on the rest of us on Planet Earth.

    In addition, I never knew that growth was bad......

    No surprise there. Pick up a book maybe?

    ps -- It's not 'bad' (entirely). What I meant was that the focus shouldn't be so singlemindedly on that one thing.
  7. Last I heard you were living that stable beacon hope, argentina correct?....I think all of S. America needs to get it;s act together.....They have dictators and the worst currency and banking situation....and about every 10 years they default on loans to the banks ( like Citigroup) and cost american companies BILLIONS....Worry about that and quit coming to the US for economic aid and other freebies...and then you don;t have to worry about what the US does..
  8. Greenie should have pulled a "nanny" and told the congressman to "talk to the hand."

  9. speaking of greenspin and Argentina.....

    Can the US Learn from Argentina?
  10. welo


    I hate to interrupt, but does anyone know where there's an actual transcript of the Greenspan speech? I missed it and would deeply like to review it. I did find Bernie's discourse with Greenspan, but no sign of the speech. It's not even on CNN.
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